Expressing Our Gratitude

We greatly value and appreciate all support from our customers and partners in South Africa. To give back to this loving community we are offering massive discounts on website development fees and completely free hosting services to charity organizations and churches.  We’re very much humbled and feel our works may not equate to the support given, but we know our efforts will go a long way, and straight to the hearts of many.

If you know of any charity organization or church that is in need of website related services (as of now or in the future), kindly make them aware of our offer. Given you’re reading this as an internal stakeholder (preferably part of the management board), we’d appreciate your efforts to register with us so that we follow up on your case. Registration can be done by contacting us via a phone call, email, WhatsApp, or our website. Please do not hesitate to contact; your efforts will go a long way in technologically advancing South African organizations.

Talk to us about a charity organization that might be in need